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The full guide to the Kano model

Newsletters on the Kano model: a method to deliver more customer value better and faster. logo

A free tool to create and host Kano surveys; it's been serving hundreds of surveys and analyses since 2019.

I'm building a new version in public: check out the ugly, buggy and incomplete work in progress.

An effort to put the whole of Belgium on the do-not-call list.

Background story and update.

Go, Poirot!

Dutch only
A drawing of a pear with a mustache

Search through >15 auctions and second-hand websites in real-time.

I once found a wax head of John Travolta this way.

Scrooge McDuck

A Twitter bot that tweets when executives of Belgian companies buy or sell company shares (and for how much).

Dr. Freezr

A cartoon image of a fridge

Lab freezer management made easy. Built for the Van Breusegem lab at the VIB.