The Proof
of the Pudding
Unlocking B2B growth


I'm Mathieu Dhondt, an independent consultant passionate about helping B2B companies gain a competitive edge.

I do this by delivering a strategy that is focused on customer value. I make action plans for growth and test ideas digitally to make sure you're on the right track.

How I help

  • Customer value is the foundation of every successful business.

    Creating a customer strategy means aligning your capabilities with a deep understanding of what customers really value.

    I thoroughly research your B2B customers so that we can digitally elevate your products and services, and their marketing.

  • Gaining an advantage does not come from doing more things, but from doing fewer things, better.

    Ideas are plentiful, but deciding what to do is hard.

    I deliver clear action plans, where we prioritize impactful initiatives with confidence.

  • Prototype and Test

    Don't wait for perfection.

    Testing ideas ensures you're on the right track.

    I develop prototypes of digital services to test if they are well received by customers before you invest too much.

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