My work on the Kano model

My work on the Kano model

The Kano model is a method for measuring whether and how (potential) customers perceive the value of your product or service.

I have used the Kano model in many client engagements, such as:

  • Developing the roadmap for a publisher of school administration software
  • Helping an industrial multinational company pilot their B2B e-commerce portal
  • Validating ideas for improving the services of a group of funeral homes
  • Prioritizing the digital roadmap for a health insurance group
  • and many more…


I created the free tool to do online Kano surveys. Organizations around the world use it to better understand their customers. Now I’m working on a new version based on years of user feedback (and my own Kano surveys, of course).


I have been using and researching the Kano method since 2015. I am pouring my experience into a complete guide for those who want to use the Kano model. The draft version is already available.

I also (very irregularly) send out a newsletter about my research.