Boosting Market Share Through Digital Strategy

A strategy beyond traditional marketing tactics

As a consultant for The Reference, I led a team that tackled a client’s challenge to increase market share through digital means. The client’s initial plan was to use online marketing techniques, such as advertising and social media exposure, to attract more clients.

However, a thorough diagnosis revealed that customers in this particular market made their choices based on past experiences and the advice of others. Only 10% of potential clients were actively looking online for a suitable company when they needed one, and trust and service level were crucial factors in their decision-making process. Advertising and social media exposure were not going to change that.

Therefore, we developed a long-term digital strategy to increase our client’s market share by:

  • Adding digital services for customers and related stakeholders;
  • Increasing the perceived trustworthiness of our client;
  • Influencing the advice given to potential customers.

From strategy to action

By interviewing recent users of similar services and mapping their experiences on a customer journey, we identified numerous opportunities to enhance our client’s service level through digital.

Based on our strategy, these customer insights and technical and organisational feasibility, we drafted a long-list of potential digital services. We then validated and prioritized these services using the Kano model, resulting in a short-list of digital services that resonate with potential customers.


For reasons of confidentiality, I cannot expand on the exact nature of these digital services, but suffice to say that:

  • Customer-facing personnel was very happy with this advice, as it improves their service levels without increasing their workload;
  • Our client’s marketing department were pleased that the new digital services are perfect subjects for marketing campaigns;
  • The Reference is happy as the validity of the strategy made the client trust them with the considerable implementation project.